Land Solutions for the Public Good


The Epic management team came together out of the collective belief of long-time practitioners that there needed to be, in the right of way consultant's market place, a company that brought modern management techniques and new ways of thinking to the business of acquiring land for public agencies. Our management team is 100% accountable and responsible for Epic's work product, and actively seeks feedback and suggestions on our services.

Holly Rockwell

President, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, CPA

Casey Overcamp

Vice President, SR/WA

Jim Overcamp

Vice President, SR/WA

Mary Kittrelle

Director of Operations, CPA

D. Michael Mason

Chief Appraiser, MAI, SRA

Karen Starr

Senior Regional Manager, SR/WA, R/W-AMC, GC, CPM®

Steve Fox

Senior Regional Manager, SR/WA

Christine Nickerson

Regional Manager, SR/WA

Kim Bibolet

Regional Manager, SR/WA

BJ Swanner

GIS Manager, Project Manager

Rod Bliss

Project Manager, SR/WA