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Steve Fox

Senior Regional Manager, SR/WA

As Epic’s senior regional manager for the greater Northwest region, Steve Fox oversees operations throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, as well as other Northwestern states. Steve spends a good deal of time in Epic’s Spokane office, working with the largest, most experienced team of right of way professionals in Central/Eastern Washington. Steve works closely with Assistant Regional Manager Morgan Bishop, who manages day-to-day needs of our clients and their projects. Steve’s twelve-plus years in the right of way industry includes directly managing or providing advisory support for a broad range of projects, including transportation, energy, and housing. He has worked with more than 45 government agencies as well as numerous entities in the private sector. Steve works closely with Epic professionals, mentoring them in all aspects of right of way services to the benefit of clients and the industry. He is a respected leader, is a licensed real estate salesperson in three states and is well versed in related federal, state and local regulations.

Morgan Bishop

Regional Manager


Morgan Bishop is an acquisition agent certified by the Federal Highway Administration and the Washington Department of Transportation. He is tenacious, impeccably organized and is a skilled negotiator. Morgan takes a straightforward, cordial approach when working with tenants and property owners, all the while staying focused on project objectives and budget. His skill set is diverse, having been involved in lease preparation, permitting, relocation assistance, and all aspects of real estate closings. Morgan’s calm demeanor and ability to explain right of way and relocation planning is a particularly valuable asset during negotiations and stakeholder meetings. As a member of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), a Washington-licensed real estate broker and a former senior right of way agent for WSDOT, he brings to each project a sound understanding of federal and state regulations and professional standards.