SBCTA Rail Property Management

SAN BERNARDINO, CA – Since 2011, Epic Land Solutions has been managing approximately 60 miles (more than 615 acres) of rail property for SBCTA. Epic manages invoicing and collections for more than 100 revenue agreements and makes periodic adjustments based on the consumer price index (CPI). Epic launched an automated system to monitor nearly 300 insurance certificates with appropriate follow up to maintain lessee and licensee compliance. Additionally, Epic developed a proactive program to periodically inspect each right of way for lease and license compliance as well as for encroachments, environmental issues and unauthorized use, taking appropriate action to resolve issues while seeking revenue-producing opportunities whenever possible.

RCTC Property Management

RIVERSIDE, CA – For the past thirteen years, Epic has been responsible for managing issues related to licenses, leases and easements on RCTC properties. These include public utilities, private utilities, municipalities, telecommunication companies, non-profit organizations, and private property owners who want to use or cross RCTC property. Epic reviews and upgrades licenses and leases on RCTC property, disposes of excess lands, certifies highway rights of way with Caltrans, reviews and resolves title and boundary issues, performs appraisals for insurance purposes, drafts procedures for property management, and developed a property management and tenant contract database.

Rialto Airport Closure

RIALTO, CA – Epic prepared a relocation plan for the City of Rialto for the airport closure. Services provided included relocation assistance and property management for 100 tenants of the airport. These included aviation businesses, non-aviation businesses, portable hangars and specialty/non-profit businesses. Epic worked with the tenants to help them identify their preference for available airports as well as which airports could accommodate them.