Land Solutions for the Public Good

Environmental Support

Epic’s relationships with a variety of environmental assessment and remediation experts provide our clients with quality and cost-effective service.

Phase I – Assessment

  • Due diligence and inquiry into the previous ownership and uses of property performed in accordance with ASTM Standard E-1527.
  • Site reconnaissance; regulatory records review; site history search; and record preparation.
  • Visually inspect properties, facilities and structures as well as adjacent properties.
  • Identify potential sources of adverse environmental impacts such as underground storage tanks, aboveground storage tanks, stored drums, pipelines and land-filled materials.
  • Check for the presence of previous on-site structures, identify past occupants and land uses to evaluate potential for chemicals at the site due to past activities.
  • Interview current owners, business owners and employees, former employees, tenants and neighboring property owner and business owners.

Phase II – Investigation

  • Sample soils to determine existence of contamination from past or present activities.
  • Sample suspect building materials for contaminants as asbestos, lead and radon.
  • Collect and analyze groundwater samples; Monitor ambient air quality
  • Sample and identify potential hazardous wastes stored on-site.
  • Liaise with State and Federal Regulations.

Phase III – Remediation

  • Clean up contaminated site using the best method to remove or neutralize contamination.
  • Involve oversight of state or federal agencies depending on the nature of the remediation.