Land Solutions for the Public Good

Feasibility & Cost Studies

Epic determines right of way cost estimates, and provides analysis of alternatives to avoid or minimize right of way effects.  Epic provides many Right of Way services prior to the Environmental Document.

Feasibility and Cost Studies Services

  • Coordinate with the design team early in the project to address right of way impacts.
  • Provide right of way cost estimates (& updates) for the Project Study Report, Draft Project Report, Plans, Specifications & Estimates, and the Project Report.
  • Prepare Utility Relocation Cost Estimates (prepared to Caltrans specifications).
  • Obtain Right of Entry permits to enter private property for the purpose of surveying, geotechnical work and environmental investigations.
  • Perform right of way studies for the Draft and Final Relation Impact Report.
  • Complete feasibility and cost studies to assist in determining the best location for future potential sites.  Cost estimates include acquisition, severance, relocation and goodwill.
  • Communicate using not only standard mediums, but also through the utilization of tools such as Project Plans, GIS and CAD.
  • Participate in public meetings to address right of way impacts to property owners.
  • Perform Advanced Acquisitions (Hardship & Protection).