GIS Services

  • Update and quality-check large quantities of parcel information.
  • Create a geodatabase for storing and manipulating geographic data.
  • Run custom queries and reports.
  • Aid in site selection based on municipal, environmental and demographic criteria.
  • Digitize easements from existing maps or legal descriptions to visualize impacts to project areas.
  • Team with engineering firms to incorporate CAD project design files into GIS for property identification.
  • Track project progress visually through maps to identify parcels as “Acquired,” “In negotiation” and “Cleared for demolition”.
  • Create visually appealing, custom mapping including high quality aerial imagery and useful map symbology.
  • Optimize cost estimation by performing geostistical calculations such as “percent take”.

GIS technology allows for almost limitless manipulation of spatial data.  In addition to those services listed, our team welcomes custom requests and will work with existing personnel, software or data to provide the highest possible level of service.


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