Dianna Nausley-McKeon, SR/WA, R/W-RAC

Washington Regional Manager

“Work smart, always keep the glass half full, lead by example, and foster relationships that help build communities one piece of right of way at a time.”

Dianna Nausley-McKeon

Education:  A.A., Business Administration, Tacoma Community College
Certifications: SR/WA, International Right of Way Association (IRWA), #6625; R/W-RAC, IRWA; WSDOT Approved Consultant List for Relocation and Relocation Review
WSDOT Coursework: No-ROW-Verification Administrative Settlement eLearning; ROW and NEPA Integration; Basic Acquisition Policies; Appraisal Scoping and ROW Certifications
IRWA Coursework: United States Land Titles; Principles of Real Estate Law; Advanced Business Relocation Assistance; Advanced Residential Relocation Assistance; Computing Replacement Housing Payments; Non-Residential Relocation Assistance; Residential Relocation Assistance; Managing the Consultant Process; Bargaining Negotiations; Communications in Real Estate Acquisition; Principles of Real Estate Negotiation; Ethics and the Right of Way Profession; Principles of Land Acquisition

Dianna Nausley-McKeon is the manager of Epic’s operations in Washington. She joined Epic after dedicating nearly three decades of her career to WSDOT as a Local Programs Right of Way Manager and Relocation Assistance Program Manager. She has reviewed and approved right of way projects throughout Washington and is an expert on all aspects of the acquisition and relocation process for public agencies. Dianna is currently the President for IRWA Chapter 4 Bellevue/Seattle (Puget Sound) and is also on the WSDOT Approved Consultant List for Relocation Assistance and Relocation Review.