EPIC Networking at APWA Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Conference

The week of April 17, EPIC’s James Laramie and Dillon Schieno attended the APWA Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Conference to share more information about EPIC to the regional engineers and service providers in the AEC industry. With an exciting GERBER knife giveaway awarded to the City of Nampa’s Senior Director of Public Works, Tom Points, EPIC’s booth was visited by many different engineers and service providers. One of the most common questions from our booth visitors was a simple but so often encountered question: “What even is right of way?” Here at EPIC, we are excited to partner with our clients to walk through their projects to understand where right of way impacts can occur and how important they are to discuss and resolve early on in the project’s life cycle. As James likes to explain it, “When a project needs to be built from Point A to Point Z, we go out and make sure we have all the legal rights necessary to cross all the parcels of land between Point A and Point Z.” If you have any questions about determining your project’s right of way needs and getting them acquired, please reach out! We would love to hear from you!

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