CLS Family of Companies

The CLS Family of Companies proudly offers best-in-industry land services with the bench strength to serve our clients anywhere in the country. Our seamless, integrated land services will cover your projects from inception through construction to operation.

Contract Land Staff, LLC

One of the largest independent right of way and land services companies in the nation, Contract Land Staff (CLS) provides a combination of service solutions for electric transmission and distribution, utility, public infrastructure, wind and solar, rail, pipeline, and telecommunications clients since 1985.

CLS has been involved in planning, managing, and executing the acquisition and negotiation of thousands of fee purchase and leaseholds, all through the successful interaction with countless landowners on regional and interstate projects across North America. Our valuable project planning and feasibility study experience along with our project execution experience affords our clients a wealth of knowledge and hard-earned, practical, on-the-job “know-how.” We are experts in evaluating and working with landowners, landowner coalitions, regulatory agencies and the seemingly endless variety of special situations that must be overcome during the course of any project.

Keystone Consultants, LLC

Keystone is a highly responsive, cost effective, civil engineering, surveying, and environmental consulting firm with over 25 years of experience serving the energy and telecommunications markets.

Keystone is known for its quality, client responsiveness and cost effectiveness as well as its deep commitment to thoroughly understanding the needs of its clients and being an integral part of their service team. Keystone’s record of client retention and repeat business demonstrate its commitment to client satisfaction and exceeding client expectations.

Tierra Right of Way Services, Ltd.

Founded in 1989, Tierra is one of the top turnkey land services firms in the western United States. Over 30 years in business, Tierra has successfully provided a diverse array of acquisition and relocation, cultural resources, and environmental planning services to local, State and Federal agencies; telecommunications, electric transmission, and pipeline companies; and renewable energy developers in 34 states.

Strategically positioned to take on projects in any region, Tierra delivers quality and cost-effective services for its clients through the expertise of its experienced, local land service professionals.

Paragon Partners Consultants, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Paragon Partners Consultants, Inc. (Paragon) is a full-service real estate right of way consulting firm wholly focused on delivering land rights for public, private, and quasi-governmental entities across a diverse range of business landscapes.

They deliver client-focused solutions in support of federal-, state-, and local-funded projects for cities, counties, municipal clients, and organizations whose operations require a full range of land rights services to build and improve public infrastructure. Paragon’s continued expansion allows them to accommodate concurrent projects of varying size and complexity, while delivering premium, quality services on projects across the U.S.