Dianna Nausley-McKeon: New Vice President of IRWA Puget Sound Chapter 4

We congratulate Dianna Nausley-McKeon, SR/WA, R/W-RAC, on her election to 2020-2021 Vice President of International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Puget Sound Chapter 4.  As EPIC’s Washington Regional Manager, Dianna’s hard work and dedication expanded the company’s operations across the state.  With a distinguished career history at Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Dianna remains a dedicated practitioner of WSDOT Right of Way and Local Agency Guidelines (LAG) manuals.  We extend congratulations to  her colleagues and newly elected Board Members (pictured below, from left to right):  President & International Director, Jesse Ray, SR/WA (Contract Land Staff); President-Elect & International Director, Michelle Talbot, SR/WA (SDOT); Treasurer, Christopher Anderson (King County); and Secretary, Andrew Sorba, RWA, R/W-AC (Appraisal Group of the Northwest).  For more information on upcoming events with IRWA Puget Sound Chapter 4, please visit https://irwachapter4.org/index.php.

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