EPIC & ALTA Meet with CCEA-LA to Get the Most Out of Grant Funding

EPIC’s BJ Swanner, and Libby Nachman from Alta Planning + Design had the opportunity to host the luncheon presentation at the City and County Engineers Association (CCEA) of Los Angeles’ first in-person meeting since March 2020.  CCEA met up on November 4 at Luminarias Restaurant at the Monterey Park Golf Club Monterey Park, CA, for a general meeting and luncheon presentation.  BJ and Libby presented “Fund To Build:  Getting the most out of your state and federal grant applications to clear rights-of-way and build your project.”  The presentation discussed several Active Transportation (AT) grant programs that are available to local public agencies to build projects that improve community safety, transit accessibility, and economic vitality. BJ and Libby explored tactics for winning grant funding and maximizing the program funding to bring your project to life. Their presentation also revealed common pitfalls and additional requirements imposed on projects when accepting state or federal aid. CCEA members that joined the meeting walked away with strategies for capturing various capital and professional services costs up-front in the grant funding to get your project fully constructed.

Special thanks to the current officers and directors of CCEA-LA that made this in-person event possible, including Mate “Matt” Gaspar, P.E., President (City of Culver City); Rick Valte, P.E. Vice President (City of Santa Monica); Arnold Dichosa, P.E., Secretary/Treasurer (City of Pomona); Rene Guerrero, P.E., Past President (City of Pomona); and Trolis Niebla, P.E., Past President (City of Lancaster). 

The City and County Engineers Association of Los Angeles (CCEA) offers unparalleled networking opportunities for public-service-oriented engineers throughout Los Angeles County and beyond. Focused on serving the educational and professional needs of public works directors, city and county engineers, and other professional personnel serving the 88 incorporated cities and the county, CCEA hosts monthly luncheon meetings to share ideas that help solve engineering problems common to local public agencies. (Source: https://cceala.com/about-us/.)

Photo description: (Left) EPIC’s BJ Swanner presenting; (Below) ALTA’s Libby Nachman presenting

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