EPIC Supports Public Engagement at Inglewood Transit Connector Open House for Relocation Impacts

EPIC’s Eddie Quintero and Yasmeen Flores helped support our project partner Trifiletti Consulting at one of the latest open houses for a true project of the future, the Inglewood Transit Connector. This project is envisioned as an approximately 1.6-mile elevated automated transit system that would provide a direct and convenient transit connection from downtown Inglewood to the city’s new employment, commercial, housing, and entertainment centers. Yasmeen and Eddie were available to the public to answer questions regarding the relocation impacts of the project (Yasmeen pictured below). Thank you City of Inglewood Mayor James T Butts Jr. and newly elected Councilmember Gloria Gray for your attendance at this event informing the community of the benefits this project will bring. EPIC is a proud project partner for the Inglewood Transit Connector and our team has been hard at work advancing this project through relocation assistance services in particular. We look forward to bringing this project to life to serve the Los Angeles area in so many beneficial ways.

Pictured below (left): City of Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. speaking to the public; (top right) Newly elected Councilmember Gloria Gray speaking to the press and Trifiletti Consulting’s Tami McCrossen-Orr and Velma Marshall discussing the project; (bottom right) EPIC’s Yasmeen Flores discussing relocation questions with a member of the public.

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