Applicant and Employee Privacy Notice

1. Purpose of this Notice. The CLS Family of Companies, Applicant and Employee Privacy Notice (“Notice”) is provided to disclose the types of personal information that may be processed by our companies (we) as part of the application process for an “Applicant” or supporting our employees

2. Personal Information We Collect and Process.  Listed below are the categories of personal information that we or our designees may process about Applicants or Employees, as applicable and indicated.

  • Direct and Indirect Identifiers, including first and last name, alias, date of birth, postal address, unique personal identifiers, email, account name, Social Security number, biometric data (including pictures and fingerprints), driver’s license number, passport number or other similar identifiers. In this context, a “unique personal identifier” means a persistent identifier that can be used to individually identify an Applicant or Employee, or a device that is linked to an Employee, including, but not limited to, a device identifier; an Internet Protocol address; cookies, beacons, pixel tags, or similar technology; unique pseudonym, or user alias; telephone numbers, or other forms of persistent or likely direct or indirect identifiers.
  • Protected or Sensitive Classifications Under Applicable Law, including race, skin color, nationality, religion, sex/gender (includes pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and/ or related medical conditions), marital status and number of children, medical condition, disability status, military or veteran status, request for family care leave, request for leave for a Employee’s own serious health condition, request for pregnancy disability leave, and age.
  • Electronic Network Activity Information & Internet Use, including Employee browsing history, search history, interaction with a website or online resource from a  company-owned device, geolocation data related to use of an internet website from an company-owned device, and physical access to a company office location, facility or plant.
  • Professional or Employment-related Information, including job-related data, maintained as part of the current or past employment relationship that is present in: a job application or resume; education records, an employment contract; a contractor agreement; a performance review; photos; information from Employee expenses; payroll and benefits related data; internal and external contact information; or information captured from video, audio, systems, or other forms of monitoring or surveillance.

3. Purposes for Collecting Personal Information.  The CLS Family of Companies may collect the categories of personal information described above for the following purposes.

  • Hiring Employees, including recruiting, conducting employment-related background screening and checks and interviews, and processing applications and qualification materials.
  • Paying or Providing Benefits, including salary administration, payroll management, payment of expenses, to administer other compensation, medical and dental and retirement benefits, including recording and processing eligibility of dependents, absence and leave monitoring, insurance and accident management and provision of online information and statements.
  • Supporting our Employees, including providing Employee data maintenance and support services, administration of separation of employment, approvals and authorization procedures, administration and handling of Employee claims, travel administration, as well as performance appraisals, disciplinary records, career planning, skills monitoring, job moves, promotions and staff re-structuring.
  • Maintaining Contact Information, including altering contact details across relevant entities within the CLS Family of Companies (for example, personal contact information, other employment information and transferring roles).
  • Assistance in the Case of Emergency, including maintenance of contact details for Employees, and any dependents in the case of a personal or business emergency.
  • Conducting Health-Related Services, including, as applicable, conducting pre-employment and employment-related medical screenings for return-to-work purposes; determining medical suitability for particular tasks; and identifying health needs of Employees to plan and provide appropriate services.
  • Providing a Better, Safer and More Efficient Working Environment, which includes conducting surveys of Employees, providing senior management information about other Employees, and conducting training.
  • Maintaining Security on CLS Family of Companies Information Resources and Systems, which includes hosting and maintenance of computer systems and infrastructure; management of our software and hardware computer assets; and monitoring email and Internet access.
  • Complying with Applicable Law or Regulatory Requirements, such as legal (state and federal) and internal company reporting obligations, including headcount, management information, demographic and health, safety, and environmental reporting, as well as assessing and monitoring eligibility to work in the U.S., such as through the use of the I-9 verification process and use of required documents.

4. Updates and Changes. The CLS Family of Companies will not collect additional categories of personal information or use personal information already collected for additional purposes without providing you with a notice of such changes.  Any changes to this Notice will be effective from the date they are communicated to you. If we make any material changes to this Notice, we will notify you by email before such changes are effective at the email address you have provided to us.

5.  Further Information. If you have any questions about this statement or if you wish to have your personal information deleted, please contact Epic at