Epic Hosts First-Ever Company-Wide Virtual Conference Over Zoom

In the company’s first ever all-virtual conference call, over 50 staff and board members joined together over Zoom for a quarterly company-wide meeting on April 30, 2020.  “It’s a brave new world,” said Karen Starr, President of Epic Land Solutions, about the virtual conference, “but Epic is keeping up with new challenges.” Typically, every quarter, Epic gathers all staff for company-wide updates using a conference call line and Skype video from each regional office location. The April 30 meeting marked an important milestone in the company’s ability to stay flexible and efficient in the face of a changing marketplace and workplace expectations as each team member conferenced remotely using Zoom.  Karen led an “ice-breaker” round for each team member to introduce themselves on-screen, the topic being, “What is the first thing you’re going to do after the pandemic restrictions are lifted?”  Needless to say, the whole company is missing family and friends, and are looking forward to going out to eat, exercising, and traveling again. Epic is now having these meetings monthly while the “Safer at Home” orders are in place across our multiple regions to maintain our Epic sense of unity and comfort during these uncertain times. Pictured is just a selection of our over 50 staff that attended!

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