Increasing Mobility and Safety for Airway Heights and Spokane with the “West Plains Connection” Project

EPIC is proud to support the West Plains Airport District and T-O Engineers on an important new transportation project for Airway Heights and Spokane:  The West Plains Connection Projec.  The Project, which creates a multi-modal corridor and improvements along U.S. Route 2, will help encourage economic growth and address transportation mobility and safety needs for the Cities of Airway Heights and Spokane by:

  • Promoting land use development and job creation by providing access to underdeveloped commercial and housing properties north of U.S. Route 2.
  • Help minimize traffic congestion and improve safety along U.S. Route 2 by increasing network diversity from Craig Road to Campus Drive.
  • Work to maintain the expanding mission of the Air Force within our region by improving access options and travel efficiencies to and from Fairchild.
  • Provide a commute and recreational multimodal corridor for both communities.
  • Provide increased access to transit by improving route diversity, increasing the number of stops, and assisting Spokane Transit Authority maintain route schedules.
  • Improve emergency response times for Airway Heights, Spokane, and Fire District 10 by reducing route congestion and increasing route choices.

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