EPIC Property Management Application (EPMA)

The Epic Property Management Application (EPMA) is a fully featured database that tracks, maps, reports, and manages all aspects of a client’s inventory of property holdings, easements, encroachments, and third-party leases and licenses.  The database is used to store information about the properties as well as agreements held between the client and its tenants. EPMA can reside on a server in the client’s offices where client staff or consultants can administrate access and updates to the system. EPMA has benefited from over a decade of transportation agency asset management experience. It has undergone constant development to stay ahead of agency requirements and industry best-practices. The system now serves as the primary repository for real estate asset data for multiple transportation agencies and their consultants. The current system was developed on the Microsoft SQL Server platform, enabling a virtually unlimited number of records across all system modules.


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