Nikki Moyo Promoted to Northwest Temporary Relocation Project Manager!

Since 2018, Nikki Moyo has been making a huge impact at EPIC, especially for temporary relocation services. Nikki has thrived on some of EPIC’s largest projects and provided compassionately organized temporary relocation services to over 100 residents. She began to thrive on her work coordinating vendors and running a dedicated resident hotline for large concurrent Home Forward projects and has recently secured another contract with Washington-based Vancouver Housing Authority. Nikki has been praised by coworkers, clients, and vendors alike for her leadership and “keeping stuff straight” on some extremely complex and large projects. EPIC is incredibly proud to announce promotion of Nikki Moyo to Northwest Temporary Relocation Project Manager! We can’t wait to see where she’ll grow EPIC next!

For more information on our temporary relocation capabilities, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page information!

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